Photographing Water and Planning Photo Trips

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Jim talks with guests about photography water and planning photography trips.

Topic 1: Photographing water

  • All of these tips apply to any type of water: waves, river, waterfall, etc.
  • Finding the best waterfalls
    • What makes the best waterfalls for a photo?
    • Rgps
  • Polarizing/ND
  • Time of day to shoot waterfalls
  • Composing waterfall photos
    • Leading lines
    • Get far back and include some environment
    • Smaller pieces of the waterfall/telephoto
  • Photographing waterfalls in winter/slippery conditions
    • Wear waders. ¬†Getting in the right spots
  • Keeping your lens clean
    • Huge microfiber cloth
    • Two lenses
  • Exposure time
    • Better to underexpose

Topic 2: Trip Planning

  • Google earth
  • Schmoozing visitor centers/hotel desk clerks
  • Local gazeteer
  • Hiking blogs

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