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  • Making Good Headshots With Levi Sim
    Practical tips for getting started on making great headshots for photographers who have never attempted them
  • How To Get Your Photography Website Noticed
    The common mistakes made by photographers that prevent their websites from begging noticed by people looking for their services and/or images.
  • 5 Reasons Every Photographer Needs An L-Bracket
    Every photographer needs an L-bracket and here are the five reasons why.
  • Luminosity Masking and Lumenzia v9
    The changes to version 9 of the Lumenzia luminosity masking extension for Photoshop.
  • 2021 Photography Predictions
    Check in on how we did with 2020 photography predictions and making predictions for 2021
  • Stretch Your Photography Skills in 2021
    Ideas that will help photographers set resolutions for 2021 to stretch their skills and get better.
  • Color Space Workflow
    Jeff talks with Greg Benz about color space and how photographers should deal with it in their workflow.
  • Getting Started With Team and Individual Sports Photography
    Tips on how to get started in doing team and individual (T&I) sports photography, including a way to quadruple your potential for income!
  • White Balance – AWB, Presets, Gray Card, or ExpoDisc?
    Photographers have multiple ways to deal with white balance in their photos. Here are the main options for doing that and how photographers should choose one of them.
  • HIGTS – Fall Family Portrait
    The flashes, modifiers, light stands, and techniques I used to create stunning fall family portraits oozing with color!
  • Shutter Actuation Count
    What shutter actuation count is, why photographers should care, and how to get it from your camera.
  • What Can a Photographer Do With $200?
    Your initial reaction might be that $200 isn’t enough to do much for your photography, but having thought about it now I bet you are surprised.
  • Our Creative Spaces
    This topic has really been on my mind recently as I’m in the final stages of building my home office from scratch. I literally mean, there was nothing, but a garage shell. I put up three walls, a raised subfloor on the concrete floor, the ceiling and then ran all the electrical etc. It’s small, …
  • How To Price and License Your Photos
    Practical tips for photographers on how they can price and license their images
  • Sharing On Social Media, Vibrant Sunset Colors, and Choosing a Laptop Screen
    Answers to listener questions about sharing images on social media, how to get vibrant sunset colors, and choosing a laptop screen for photo editing.
  • How To Take Photos Using a Telescope
    An illustrated explanation of the equipment and process photographers need for using a telescope to create images of objects in the night sky.
  • What Does Mean For Photographers?
    An explanation of what the service is, how to set it up, and how photographers can use it to send images to other cloud services.
  • Get Ready For 2020 Changes to Google Images Search
    Learn how to add the 5 fields Google requires for new licensing information to be shown in their Google Images Search engine to your photos using Lightroom Classic
  • Most Fun With Photography
    Answer to listener question: “What’s the most fun you’ve had doing photography related stuff?”
  • How I Got The Shot – Details About The Creation Of 5 Landscape Photos
    Details about what went into the creation of 5 landscape photos to help listeners learn and/or be inspired to get out and create some of their own!
  • Sony A7s3 and other Sony tips with Juan Pons
    Introduction Welcome to the Master Photography Roundtable part of the Master Photography Podcast Network!  You are joined by thousands of photographers listening to this show who are all on the same journey to master their photography.  I am Brent Bergherm, the host for this episode, and I am joined by Juan Pons! Juan, thank you …
  • 9 Tips For Young Beginning Photographers
    We got a email from a 10 year old getting into photography. Here are the 9 tips we thought of to help her get on the path towards mastering the art of photography
  • Shooting Comets Like Neowise
    Tips on how a photographer who has never shot astrophotography can shoot the Neowise comet.
  • Canon Announcements with Mary Malinconico
    A discussion about the Canon R5 and R6 camera bodies coming in the second half of 2020.
  • Lens Filter Talk with Matt Bishop
    Matt Bishop explains why he doesn’t think photographers need a graduated ND and other thoughts on camera lens filters.
  • The Curious Case Of The Decaying Photo
    The investigation and troubleshooting of a listener problem where photos on an external hard drive seemed to “decay” over time.
  • Ideas To Get You Shooting This Summer
    A few ideas of some things that might help photographers shake off the rust and get back to shooting this summer.
  • Guide To Screen Calibration Using DisplayCal
    A guide for photographers to do their first screen calibration using a colorimeter and DisplayCal without having to be an expert in color management!
  • Overcoming A Failure To Save A Shoot
    How I failed at a recent client shoot and what I did to overcome the failure to save the shoot!
  • 5 Things Photographers Need In A Computer Monitor
    Five things photographer should look for as they shop for a computer monitor to use when editing photos.
  • 5 Things That Should Be On Every Photographer’s Pre-Shoot Checklist
    Five things every photographer should have on their pre-shoot checklist to make sure they are ready for whatever comes their way
  • Shoot Your Fruits and Vegetables!
    An interesting and creative photography idea to shoot fruits and vegetables lighting them internally!
  • Creative Juices Contest Winner – Dee Cusick
    How Dee Cusick, photography who won our Creative Juices Photo Contest, got the shot!
  • Creative Juices Photo Contest Winners
    We announce and walk through the top ten photos from the Creative Juices photo contest that took place from March to April 2020.
  • Canon R5 Confirmations and Rumors
    Canon confirmed some of the video specs on their new R5 camera. We talk about those specs along with some of the rumored specs for still shooting.
  • Raw Defaults in Lightroom Classic 9.2
    How to use the “Raw Defaults” feature Adobe added to Lightroom Classic with version 9.2 released in February 2020.
  • Different ways of shooting macro with Levi Sim
    Welcome to the Master Photography Roundtable part of the Master Photography Podcast Network!  You are joined by thousands of photographers listening to this show who are all on the same journey to master their photography.  I am Brent Bergherm, the host for this episode and I am joined by Levi Sim! What’s up Levi? Levi: …
  • Quarantine Resources For Photographers
    Ideas and free or inexpensive resources to help photographers during this period of quarantine for COVID-19.
  • 20 Steps To a Professional Self Portrait
    The equipment needed and 20 detailed steps to taking a professional self portrait.
  • Six Creative Portrait Images With Connor Hibbs
    Detailed walk through of backgrounds, lighting, and camera settings for six creative portrait images
  • Wet Scanning Developed Film
    Basics of how and why (avoid Newton rings) you might want to wet scan developed film.
  • Six Fine Art Photography Business Tips
    Six tips from wildly successful fine art photography, Jenna Martin, to help you get into the business of fine art photography!
  • Photoshop Has Turned 30!
    Photoshop is now 30 years old. To celebrate Adobe is running a social media campaign and released an update. We go down memory lane talking about our earliest use of Photoshop and discuss the new features in the release.
  • Photography is all about ____?
    Thought exercise on how to boil down all of the elements that makeup the incredible art of photography down to a single sentence. Photography is all about ______? How would you finish that sentence?
  • Challenging Portrait Shoot
    The details of a portrait shoot challenged by frigid cold and waning light and how Jeff decided to react with his camera and flash settings.
  • Software Updates Stats and Listener Q&A
    The latest status on software updates (including Catalina), and Listener Q&A on where we are going in 2020, mixing ambient and flash lighting, film types, choosing images for portfolio review and more!
  • Photoshop for iPad with Aaron Nace
    Photoshop for iPad I’ve been really hopeful that Photoshop for iPad will be everything I ever wanted in a mobile working platform. But as a long time (20+ years) photoshop user, I’ve got a lot of baggage to deal with. Help me get over this “hump” of sorts and better understand this newer way of …
  • Back Button Focus Irrelevant in 2020?
    Has the back button focus technique many photographers are passionate about using become irrelevant in 2020 due to improvement in camera technology?
  • Portraits, Locations, and Gear with Connor Hibbs
    Get the breakdown on a recent portrait shoot Connor did, some issues photographers in Colorado have with public land shooting locations, and our thoughts on the top 2019 gear based on sales and rentals.
  • Best of 2019
    The best episodes of 2019 as voted on by the listeners!
  • Photography Predictions For 2020
    We go over how we were nearly completely wrong on predictions from 2019 and a few new predictions for 2020 that will most likely be entirely incorrect.
  • Setting Goals For 2020 With Jim Harmer
    How to pick your top ten images from 2019 and suggestions on goals you can set for 2020 to make you better as a photographer.
  • 7 Tips To Magical Santa Photos
    Joy Howard, experienced Santa photographer, shares 7 categories of tips to creating magical Santa photos
  • Holiday Portrait Tips (Part 2)
    Answers to 6 common questions photographers have about how to create great holiday portraits.
  • Holiday Portrait Tips (Part 1)
    7 tips to make your holiday portraits great, even if you aren’t much of a portrait photographer
  • Outdoor Portraits with Levi Sim
    Seriously good tips to help you with outdoor portraits with Levi Sim, one of the masters of portrait photography!
  • Seven Listener Questions
    Listener questions about meetups, where to spend $500, minimal gear to take out, apps for planning astro, taking a self portrait, computer hardware for Lr and Ps, and a backup camera body.
  • Photoshop 2020 For Photographers With Greg Benz
    Learn about the new features Adobe added to Photoshop in the “2020” version released in November 2019.
  • How To Do Your First Lighting Setup
    Learn how to first setup your new lighting gear and be ready to experiment with it to learn how to use it.
  • Camera Cleaning
    Equipment and instruction on how to clean your camera sensor. You can totally do this very safely!
  • Artificial Intelligence in Luminar 4
    Dima Sytnik, co-founder and CTO of Skylum, talks about the artificial intelligence tools available to photographers in Luminar 4.
  • NextGEN Gallery with Scott Wyden
    Learn about the NextGEN plugin for WordPress to help you with showing off your images and offering self-service printing!
  • In-Person Sales With Aaron Taylor
    Learn about in-person sales and how it helps portrait photographers dramatically improve their income.
  • Impact of AI On Photography 2019
    Learn about the impact AI and computational photography is having on photographers in 2019
  • Getting Started Lighting Gear 2019
    Jeff provides recommendations on the flashes, light stands, umbrellas, softboxes, and backgrounds a photographer beginning with lighting should invest in here in 2019
  • Fall Mini Session Tips and Matching a Corporate Headshot
    Jeff and Erica talk about tips for fall mini sessions and matching a corporate headshot.
  • 10 tips for photographing fall color
    Fall Colors In the Northern Hemisphere summer is basically over and we’re looking forward to the changing seasons. Fall is coming and we figured we’d talk about ideas for shooting fall colors today. I love shooting fall colors when I get a chance to do it anyway, but in my area we don’t get a …
  • Merging and Moving Lightroom Catalogs
    Jeff answers a listener question about merging and moving Lightroom Catalogs and photos
  • Best Value Tripods August 2019 Update
    Jeff and Mark Morris nerd out about new tripod legs and ball head from new manufacturer Colorado Tripod.
  • New Features of Lightroom Classic 8.4 – Does GPU Actually Work Now?
    Jeff and Brent talk about the new features in the 8.4 update Adobe released of Lightroom Classic and if GPU acceleration is actually working this time.
  • Pivoting Your Photography Business
    Jeff and Erica talk about four reasons and four tips to pivot your photography business
  • How to Sharpen and Reduce Noise in Lightroom With Greg Benz
    Jeff and guest co-host Greg Benz talk about why Greg prefers doing capture sharpening and noise reduction in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw over other methods in Photoshop or in other non-Adobe tools.
  • How Much Memory Does Lightroom Need?
    Jeff talks about how much memory Lightroom needs and his MASSIVE Lightroom Hardware Testing Project he has recently taken on.
  • Thoughts on Sony a7R IV
    Jeff and Brent share thoughts on the specs announced for the Sony a7R IV camera that will be released in September 2019.
  • Goin’ Fuji and Photoshop Trippin’
    Jeff and Brent talk about Brent’s EARLY experience switching camera systems from Canon over to the Fuji X-T3 and five things to check if you aren’t seeing the images changed in Photoshop when you go back to Lightroom.
  • A Beginner’s guide to photographic terms Part 2
    Today’s show starts out with some fireworks photo tips. It’s our Nation’s birthday and we celebrate by exploding fake bombs in the air in reference to our National Anthem. After a few minutes on this topic we dive into the remainder of our photo terms for beginners. Let’s get into today’s main topic. Defining photography …
  • A Beginner’s guide to photographic terms Part 1
    Let’s get into today’s main topic. Defining photography jargon. I’ve written down some starting points here to get us started, but I really like having the three of us on to each provide our own perspective. Also, these are in no particular order. Stop, or Stops or f-stop Quite literally comes from the idea of …
  • How To Protect Your Photos and Can Texas Steal Them?
    Jeff, Brent, and Jim Harmer talk about how photographers can protect their images from being used without licensing and how that applies to a recent court case between a photographer and the University of Houston in Texas.
  • WWDC 2019 Reaction and Exploitation of Photographers
    Jeff, Brent, and special guest Greg Benz talk about iPadOS changes that will be really good for photographers, how the new Mac Pro 2019 is not for photographers, and why it is photographers are so often asked to shoot for free.
  • Thoughts on Photography
    Jeff and Brian talk about random photography thoughts regarding Lightroom Classic 8.3, Apple WWDC 2019, how to fix a pixelated sky in Lr, and experimenting with clients.
  • Backup for Photographers
    Jeff and Brent talk about Adobe Lightroom Classic 8.3 and 3-2-1 backup for photographers.
  • LinkedIn for Photographers with Brent Bergherm and Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown, thanks for joining me today. Today we’ll be talking about the power of LinkedIn for photographers. Questions for Jeff: 1.    What’s special about LinkedIn? 2.    Another social media platform to manage… tips on how to balance LinkedIn with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. (I don’t use twitter, but I do FB and a bit …
  • Budget Corporate Headshot Photography Tips With Connor Hibbs
    Jeff talks with Connor about the tips and thought processes for doing corporate headshot photography on a budget
  • How Photographers Can Improve Their Black and White With Jenna Martin
    Jeff and Jenna Martin talk about how photographers can get better at black and white photography.
  • Q&A with Brent and Jeff
    We wanted to reach out to listeners and talk about some questions they have. We have also looked over some of the recent posts in the facebook group. I really love how active our listeners are there. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the facebook group I encourage you to check it …
  • Shooting the EOS-R, a listener’s perspective.
    Thank you for being here today as we talk about the Canon EOS R. Some people love it, some like to make fun of it. I haven’t handled it yet but I’m certainly intrigued by what Canon has for us in their first FF mirrorless camera. Today I’m joined by a listener, Mary Malinconico. She …
  • Master Print Course and Screen Calibration
    Jeff talks with Brent about his Master Photo Printing Course and answers a question about screen calibration.
  • MagMod and 17 Lighting Setups with Trevor Dayley
    Jeff and Trevor Dayley, one of the nations top wedding photographers, talk about MagMod lighting modifiers and 17 recipes that are sure to spice up your portraits!
  • LIVE From the Create Photography Retreat!
    Connor, Erica, and Jeff are joined by Brian Hansen who runs the Create Photography Retreat and Phil Roc who is a 3 time alumni of the Retreat to talk about the experience.
  • Round-a-bout the art and more
    Carmel, IN, is THE (self-proclaimed) roundabout capital of the world. In Carmel, where roundabouts have replaced signals or stop signs at intersections, the number of injury accidents has been reduced by about 80 percent and the number of accidents overall by about 40 percent. Knowing how much citizens of Carmel love (or hate) them, I …
  • Tips For Getting the Most From Photography Conferences and Workshops
    Jeff and Brent share 4 tips to help photographers get the most out of photography conferences and workshops.
  • RAISE by Canon and the YN450
    Before we get to the topics for today, I actually just want to chat a bit with Connor about the most recent subjects we’ve shot recently. So connor, what have you been up to lately? [Connor] I have been shooting quite a bit recently and been a bit all over the board. As far as …
  • Saved By Features and Super Powers
    Jeff and Brent talk about camera features that saved a shoot, impactful photos, and how photographers have super powers.
  • Canon EOS RP With Nick Page
    Jeff and Nick Page talk about the strange psychology of brand loyalty and the specs of the Canon EOS RP
  • Flash Shutter Sync With Levi Sim
    Jeff and Levi Sim talk about the various things photographers need to know about syncing their flash with their shutter.
  • Best Value Tripods 2019
    Jeff and Mark Morris talk about the features/options in tripod legs and ball heads along with the best value options for both.
  • Lies From Camera Companies
    Based on Tony and Chelsea Northrup’s discussion on their Picture This podcast, Jeff and Brent talk about lies that camera companies tell photographers.
  • Instagram For Photographers In 2019
    Jeff, Erica, and Connor talk through photographers using Instagram in 2019.
  • Keeper Rate, Pricing, Bookkeeping, and Gels for Softboxes
    Jeff and Connor talk about keeper rates as a tool to get better, how photographers can figure out pricing for their services, how photographers can do bookkeeping, and gels for softboxes!
  • Printing Revisited
    We’ve been talking a lot about printing recently for a few reasons. I’m developing an on-line course that will be available April 2 (I’m preventing myself from all the April fools jokes by releasing it on the 2nd, plus that’s also the birthday for a good friend of mine 🙂 Anyway, Canon has also recently …