Latitude: Coos Bay, Santorini Greece, Create Photography Retreat

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Brent and Brian talk about Brent’s workshops, recent trips to Coos Bay and Santorini Greece, and the upcoming Create Photography Retreat.

Topic 1: Brief Announcements:

I have a nasty habit of going to my “happy place” whenever I talk about a workshop such as my Croatia and Ireland workshops. And that doesn’t do anyone any good 🙂
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Topic 2: Brent, Trip report from the Coos Bay area.

For President’s day weekend, 2018, my wife and I left the kids with the grandparents and took off for Coos Bay, Oregon. I decided to focus pretty closely on areas right around Coos Bay. There’s quite a bit to do here.

  1. Cape Arago state park was my first location. It’s slightly confusing since the Cape Arago lighthouse is a few miles north of the state park (and there’s two other state parks between as well… Anyway, the park has a fine overview and you can get down to the beach after going down a fairly steep and treacherous cliff area, but I was able to get down fine enough. I was there for sunrise which mean the sun was rising behind me. The weekend was full of clouds, storms and the like, which is what I was looking for. However, in this area I didn’t find much to shoot. Just didn’t find anything that inspiring given the available light.
    So I went on to the lighthouse and upon my arrival there was a rainbow. I was so excited.  But it took too long to set up. I couldn’t walk with my gear at the ready because to get there I had to bushwhack my way through Oregon grape bushes that are about six feet tall. There was a defined path, but it was tough going. So I set up, scrambled for a view and just as I found my shot the light started to fade. The rainbow was coming right out of the lighthouse. It was so cool. I just wish I had 5 more minutes of light.
  2. After lunch the wife joined me and we went to Shore Acres state park. This is a very beautiful place. The rugged sea scape is amazing during a storm where the waves crash against the rocky cliffs. While we were there it was rather calm so I focused on the sandstone formations at the top of the cliff, and it’s also set back a bit. The water has eroded the sandstone over time and the landscape looks rather alien and foreign. I used my 50mm Art lens by Sigma. It’s insanely sharp and I wanted to really do that sandstone texture well.
  3. Sunset found me at Yoakum Point state park, where I had a great overview of the lighthouse once again. The sunset didn’t really produce any significant color but it was a good time anyway. This hike was so easy compared to the morning where I was bushwhacking my way through the oregon grape.
  4. The next day we took a walk to the south slough estuarine research reserve. As it was my day off I didn’t shoot any pics, but we had a nice walk just the same. It was raining most of the time but it was truly enjoyable to spend the time like this with my wife.
  5. Sunday found me down at Face Rock area in Bandon for Sunrise. It was great even though I put up with tons of sleet, hail and heavy gusts to get the shots. I used my water socks to keep from worrying about the surf and just had a grand time shooting the sea stacks.
  6. We went to the old town during the midday and did tourist stuff, then I went back out by myself to the lighthouse area once again. I found it was sort of becoming my muse. I knew the light had a chance of being awesome with all the storm action, so I hoped for the best and I think it paid off. I should, if you’re looking to come out here and get this yourself, the access road to the lighthouse overview is blocked due to it crossing private land. So I parked in the Sunset Bay state park area, north parking lot, and took the trail up the way and to the north and west of the parking lot. It’s really tough going but if you just keep the water on your left and keep plodding on you’ll make it 🙂
  7. I have one more day, I plan on the lighthouse once again. I really want to get that going really well. And there’s a string of waterfalls I want to get on the way home.
  8. Please visit my website for some pics. I’ll put them in the gallery right on the home page. It’s


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Topic 3: Up next is Brian with a trip report from Santorini Greece. After that I’ll be back with one more announcement and we’ll wrap it up. So here’s Brian.

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