Luminosity Masking and Lumenzia v9

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What Is Luminosity Masking?

Check out Photo Taco episode What Is Luminosity Masking from November 2018.

What’s New In Lumenzia v9?

Check out Greg’s release notes page and the video demonstrating the new features.

Here are Greg’s favorite new features:

  • Fade slider 
  • Reload the last orange preview layers.
  • Sky button (sample from all layers, choose replacement, better guidance through situations where the command would be grayed out…)
  • Automatically create subtracted selections
  • Create special selections, channels, or layers based on HSB, HSL, LAB, CMYK, or RGB values
  • Named Smart Objects (easier to track)
  • Out of Gamut masks
  • Automatically crop or fill transparent edges
  • Optimize PS

Lumenzia Listener Questions

Jordan Chapell

A couple open ended questions I think about w lum masking…

1. Do you think the luminosity masking “look” will end up like HDR or Orton glow etc as a dated look of today? Or instead embedded in what all of us do?

  • We think that luminosity masking is here to stay. The “look” can be anything you want. You can choose to get an HDR / Orton effect if you like, or the moody look that is very popular with a lot of landscape photographers today. You can also choose to do something entirely different.

2. When do YOU stay in LR to use its quick/easy luminosity / color masking vs move into photoshop/lumenzia? (In other words, what can LR lum masking do just fine, vs what needs to go to the big guns in PS).

  • Adjustment brushes and gradient/radial filters have a range mask option.  You can limit where the brush or filter is applied by not only where you paint on the image, but also by a luminance or color range.  If you choose luminance then you can use a couple of sliders to narrow on in what luminance values you want your paint or filter applied to.  A lot smarter and better control over it than just painting and erasing for sure, but it is definitely very limited compared with what can be done with luminosity masking in Ps.  
  • I certainly use the luminance range masking in Lightroom Classic. I do try all I can to just stay in Lightroom as much as possible just to limit the time I spend on most of my client work.  If I take an image into Photoshop I can’t help but do a lot with it there, so if I can accomplish what I want to without going there, it is better time management for me.

Brent Bergherm

I want to know more about the out of gamut masks. Sounds amazing! This can help you deal with colors that don’t fit in a particular gamut. If you don’t know what that means, check out A Practical Guid to Color Space Workflow For Photographers.

Matt Bishop

Where does Lumenzia stand against TK? That’s a good question

  • Extension panel from Tony Kuyper.  Excellent training from he and Sean Bagshaw on luminosity masking in general but how to use the TK panel to do things specifically.  All of it is great as well, I went down the TK panel path first before finding Lumenzia.  Paid for the training from Sean Bagshaw.  Can recommend it without reservation, but I prefer the approach Greg has taken with Lumenzia.  Personal preference.

Kim Allen Goff

Q: How to get started! I bought his software and tutorials last winter and am frozen in fear! What are good first steps? 😂

Along the same lines from Mike Regas

Q: How to get started with luminosity masks. Similar to what you did with Aaron Nace and getting over the fear of PS.

A: Greg’s Recommended Learning Plan:

Greg also has a lot of help accessible in the Lumenzia extension itself: “?” and “Tutorial” buttons, written manual, Courses

Also along the same lines from Steve Anderson

Q: I’ve not added this to my work flow yet so just interested in the whole concept. Mainly interested in how and why you think luminosity masking helps improve editing

Check out some videos from Thomas Heaton, a great photographer who has worked a lot more in Lightroom than Photoshop.

Quinn Kirkland

More of a compliment for Greg. I took his Lumenzia Bootcamp course w/ Nick Page a few years back and I can’t imagine Photography editing without Lumenzia. Its so easy to use and Greg provides tons of free tutorials on how to use his course. If you’re not using luminosity masks for editing you’re missing out! Thank You!

Chuck Perry & Dace Voit

Tips for use in real estate/architecture

Coupon Code For Lumenzia?

TACO25 (good for 25% off Lumenzia for 2 weeks from the show air date)


Jeff: Amphetamine MacOS App (Free).  As I continue to do my testing of AFMA, including what the Tamron TAP-in console allows for adjustments and finding the right values using FoCal from Reikan, I had a problem with my Mac going to sleep between and during tests.  This app keeps it awake.  If you want it to, it will keep it awake even after you close the lid, but only if a certain app is running.  

Greg: Newmowa USB battery charger ($17)



  1. Was watching the podcast on new features/exposure blending. Tried it out on one of my images. Noticed mask wouldn’t update until after I clicked on fade slider. Please explain/help.


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