About The Master Photography Podcast

The show originally launched on the Improve Photography Podcast network owned by Jim Harmer back in 2014.  Jim ran the podcast network and the Improve Photography podcast. Jim’s personality, hard work, and incredible content quickly made the Improve Photography one of the top photography podcasts in the world.

Soon after starting the Improve Photography podcast, Jim added shows to the Improve Photography podcast network and photographers to co-host the weekly Improve Photography podcast. Jeff Harmon launched the Photo Taco podcast that focused on tips for beginners and breaking down technical photography topics. Brent Bergherm launched the Lattitude Photography podcast focused on landscape and travel photography. Connor Hibbs and Erica Kay launched the Portrait Session podcast focused on portrait photography. Brian McGuckin launched the Thoughts on Photography podcast where he interviews interesting photographers throughout the world.

In April of 2018 Jim made a career pivot to focus on other business opportunities.  He very generously turned the Improve Photography network over to the hosts that had shows on the network. We re-branded that network Master Photography.  The Master Photography podcast continues to run weekly, never skipping a beat in the transition.

Why The History Of Master Photography Matters

We think that if a podcast partner is interested in sponsoring a podcast they should consider how likely the show is going to be around to realize the full benefit of the sponsorship.  There are over 900,000 podcasts listed in Apple’s podcast directory (the definitive podcast directory today). Fewer than 50% of those podcasts are releasing at least one episode within a three month period.  If you partner with the wrong podcast it may be that the podcast won’t be around in a few months.

Master Photography is one of the longest running and most listened to photography focused podcasts in the world. Every week we reach thousands of photographers of varying skill levels who are heavily interested in improving. We would love to help you reach them.

Sponsorship Partners We Are Looking For

We are so glad you are interested in sponsoring the Master Photography Podcast! If you decide to move forward and contact us (email below) we will be investigating you as much as you are investigating the podcast. Photography is a strong passion for all of us here at the Master Photography podcast, but our goal is to help as many as we can to continue down the path towards mastering the art of photography through our podcast.

With the audience Master Photography reaches we are approached regularly by potential sponsors. We turn many away. We have worked very hard to grow the show to be what it is today with thousands of photographers trusting us. It is very important that any partnership we make be something we truly believe in and has obvious benefit to the Master Photography community.

We are open to all discussions with potential sponsors. You should expect we will be checking out the products you would like advertised very thoroughly.

Master Photography Sponsorship

There are a number of options available to sponsorship partners. The strongest way to reach the Master Photography community is leveraging all of the sponsorship options. We discount the cost of the sponsorship when partners opt to leverage more of these options.

Pre and Mid-Roll Host Read Ads

Very common with podcasts, we offer pre and mid roll host read ads to sponsorship partners. With each Master Photography podcast episode we offer:

  • 30 second pre-roll: 30 second ad that will happen within the first minute of the episode
  • 60 second mid-roll: 60 second mid-roll ad that will come approximately half way through the episode

There are only two spots for each type of ad per episode.

These are host read ads, which means we do the ads in our voice. Our physical voice but also our voice in the pattern and style we have been saying things to our listeners for years. If we choose to partner with you these ads will be genuine and the listeners can tell when they are. You can provide ad copy to us that provides the information you want included in the ad.

With most podcast players supporting a 30 second skip forward we will work very hard to make the ad fit as naturally as possible into the flow of the episode. This is the best way to get listeners to not hit that skip button. We do not place pre-recorded ads in Master Photography podcast episodes.

If you buy a pre or mid-roll ad you will also get a sponsorship box added to the show notes for that episode. That sponsorship box remains in those show notes permanently. Anyone who finds that show at any point in the future will see that ad.

Website Ads

We also offer three types of ad space on our website:

  • Persistent top ribbon. This is a ribbon that is shown just below the header on EVERY page (not just every post) on the website. It remains visible even when the page is scrolled. The ad is fully contained in the ribbon with a link to a page of your choosing that will open in a new browser tab. The ribbon is shown on every page on the site for the paid duration of your sponsorship. Only one persistent ribbon ad is run at a time.
  • Navigation ad. This is space on the right side of the website that is included with every post when viewing from a desktop computer. From a mobile device it is shown just after the main content of the page. Ads placed here do not stay visible as the post is scrolled. The ad will be on every page of the site for the paid duration of your sponsorship. Only two of these ads run at a time.
  • Inside every post. The very traditional ad placement on websites with the ad located with the main content of every post on the website (not just the post of the shown notes you get when you sponsor an ad in an episode). The ad will be on every page of the site for the paid duration of your sponsorship. Only two of these ads at a time.
Social Media

Master Photography has a large, engaged, and curated (listeners have to prove they listen to the show before being allowed to join) Facebook Group. If you buy a pre or mid-roll ad you can also purchase an ad in our Facebook Group. We only do these ads once per month for partners who really want to make sure we do everything possible to reach the Master Photography community.

Sponsorship Pricing

Master Photography has a listening audience larger than 95% of all podcasts on the Internet today and is consistently in the top ten of photography specific podcasts. The size of the audience that listens and participates in the Facebook group is constantly growing.

Though we think there is value to the history and the engagement level of a community, the podcast industry uses a 45 day download average to price sponsorship ads.  Ads are priced by the number of downloads an episode has within 45 days of release, averaged over a 12 month period.  The pricing fluctuates over time, so we can’t list sponsorship pricing on this page.

If we do work out a partnership it means we truly believe you offer something valuable to the Master Photography community and we want to do all we can to help them know that. Studies have shown that even when a person is interested in the product from an ad, on average it takes seven times of seeing that ad before action is taken. Therefore, the longer you sponsor the podcast and the more ways you choose to sponsor the podcast, the more effective your sponsorship will be. This is why we discount sponsorships that leverage more than one ad type.

If you are interested in starting a discussion about sponsoring the show please contact our Director of Sponsorships using info@masterphotographypodcast.com. In the course of the discussion if we are interested in a partnership we will be happy to share the download numbers that go into the pricing of sponsorships.