Master Your Photography!

Ready to level-up your photography? You are in the right place!  We are so glad you are interested in the podcasts of the Master Photography Podcast Network.  No matter your needs or experience level, one of the shows on the network is going to feed your passion for photography and help you to master your craft.

Master Photography Podcast

Master Photography

Brent Bergherm, Brian McGuckin, Connor Hibbs, Erica Kay, and Jeff Harmon take turns hosting a weekly roundtable episode where they sit  down with two other members of the team to talk about the photography news and tips of all kinds.  The team helps listeners to become masters of their photography.
Latitude Podcast


Brent Bergherm, fine art photographer and professor, has three main interests in life; photography, travel and exploring earth’s exquisite landscapes. Listen to Latitude for stories, interviews, gear talk, and anything else that is related to travel and nature photography.
Photo Taco Podcast

Photo Taco

Jeff Harmon, passionate hobbyist photographer, works as an Information Security professional by day and loves to break down complicated and/or technical photography topics so that the newest of photographers can understand them. No topic is too simple or too complicated for the show. If he doesn’t know the answer then he brings on an expert to help him break it down. Get photography tips in the time it takes to eat a taco, or perhaps a burrito!
Portrait Session Podcast

Portrait Session

Erica Kay and Connor Hibbs are full-time, professional portrait photographers. Their knowledge, experiences, and stories shared on Portrait Session are intended to help portrait photographers of all levels master their craft (and possibly laugh a little along the way). Tackling topics of business ownership to creative lighting and everything in between, this podcast takes listeners on one hell of a portrait photography ride!
Thoughts on Photography Podcast

Thoughts on Photography

Brian McGuckin is passionate about life and photography. With experience ranging from weddings and red carpets to the NFL and world travels, his passion for photography starts with where it all begins – a story. Thoughts on Photography is inspired by interviews and stories of how people around the world are using photography in their lives today.