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Jeff Harmon talks with Bill Claff about his Photographic Dynamic Range testing and math that can be seen on his website. Jeff goes over the following questions with Bill:

1) Who is Bill Claff and what do you do with photography?
2) What is the story or background of your excellent website? Why did you create it?
3)You have a lot of math and explanation behind your Photography Dynamic Range (PDR) number, can you explain that to someone who may not have as much background in math? Maybe a PDR for dummies kind of guide?
4)Is there a way to compare PDR to the Landscape score that DxOMark publishes from their testing?
5) I am a Canon shooter, currently shooting the Canon 7D2, and when I compare it to some others that are supposed to have significantly better dynamic range (7D2 11.8EV, Canon 80D 13.2EV, 5D4 13.6EV, Nikon D810 14.8EV) the difference in the PDR doesn’t seem nearly as significant as the EV rating from DxO. Why is that? How should we be looking at differences in PDR numbers on your site?

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