Ten Most Inspiring Photos of All Time and Listener Q&A

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Jim talks with Brent about the ten most inspiring photos of all time10 Most Inspiring Photos of All Time


  1. Ansel Adams’ Moonrise, Hernandez, NM, 1954
  2. Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother
  3. Steve McCurry’s Afghan Girl
  4. Ground Zero Flag Raising



  1. Raising flag on Iwo Jima
    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raising_the_Flag_on_Iwo_Jima#/media/File:WW2_Iwo_Jima_flag_raising.jpg
    • 1945, the United States invaded Iwo Jima as part of its island-hopping strategy to defeat Japan. The Japanese fought most of the battle from underground bunkers and pillboxes. It was common for Marines to knock out one pillbox using grenades or a flamethrower, only to come under renewed fire from it a few minutes later, after more Japanese infantry slipped into the pillbox using a tunnel.
    • “Flags of our fathers” covers this very well.
  2. Falling Man on 9/11
  3. Last Jew of Vinnitsa
  4. Vulture and the little girl
    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_vulture_and_the_little_girl

What makes a photo last?

Beauty alone doesn’t


  • Bob Fishel – Tips for a first showing, including how to choose which photos to feature (we’re mostly travel photographers) and what methods to print on for sale (currently doing mostly metal and wood prints for our home from ProDPI, haven’t printed anything for public consumption / sale)
  • Nerazzuro Zelkanovic – tamron or sigma on the 24-70 new lineup?
  • Isaac Goff – Tripod/No tripod? Since I began shooting the Sony A7R2, I find in most situations with a fast to average shutter speed, handheld works just fine and gives sharp images. Do you want to qualify the “always use a tripod” rule?
  • Nick Jones – How do I know which filter to choose for what situation? Recently I shot the bean and it was low light getting toward sunset.  A guy next to me used a 6 stop ND even though it was low light and his photos looked WAY better than mine.  How do I know when to use a filter?
  • Erik Doree Why is there no love for medium format anymore?
  • Lisa Peterson Marketing tips for pet photography
  • Anonymous – What do you do as a second shooter and the bride and groom find your work better than the primary photographer

News Desk:

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Doodads of the Week!

  • Jim: Jim’s favorite books list at  improvephotography.com/books
  • Brent: Bose SoundLink Mini

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