Listener Q&A with Levi Sim

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Jeff Harmon hosts with his friend Levi Sim joining him at the roundtable to do some listener Q&A about how Levi makes people comfortable in front of his camera, switching from Nikon to mirrorless, how an amateur can get pro gear, and more!

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So glad to have you on the show with me today Levi.  In this episode we are doing a listener Q&A. For any of you new to the show, we ask for the Q&A questions in our Facebook group, which you can find by searching on Facebook for “Master Photography Podcast”.  You have to ask to join the group and answer the questions of naming a host on the podcast to get in. So my name, Jeff Harmon will work. We will even take Levi Sim as a name. If Facebook isn’t your thing then you can also email questions to



  • Drew Armstrong: What is the thing Levi is really good at, the thing that makes him stand out and be different as a photographer? What does he do that we could all learn from?
  • Robb Jeff: I have been a NIKON shooter for 23 years and now thinking about going mirrorless. I have been looking at the Sony 7R III and the Fujifilm XH-1. I can’t go out to rent a camera to try it out due to the fact that I am working in Iraq. With this being said. I like to know what people have moved to.  Continued: “I like to shoot everything that’s the big problem. But the most things I shoot when I go home is street photography been doing a lot last few trips and night time as well with landscape but been looking to start shooting portraits as well. But the big thing is landscape and street was looking for something smaller for carrying around for night markets and during the day as well. Something that works well in low light and fast”
  • Ed Shanahan:  Why don’t you ask every new guest what they do to address common problems that are of interest to your listeners? Example – backups. Just a quick hit.  I just did a Photo Taco episode called “The ULTIMATE Guide to Backup for Photographers” and it has generated a lot of discussion. So, Levi, what is your current backup strategy?  What products and tools are you actually using?
  • Karel Bezuidenhout Jnr: What strategy can an amateur photographer use to afford professional photography gear?


Doodads of the Week

  • Levi: Frio cold shoe adapter ($13). This little tool lets you connect your speedlight to a light stand or other holder upper. The speedlight probably came with a little stand, but that only has a mount for ¼-20 threads, like a tripod mount. The Frio can fit either ¼-20 or ⅜-16, which is the standard for most light stand threads. It’s small and handy and holds the flash securely. It’s always in my bag.
  • Bonus: Black light LED flashlight. I just got one for making long exposure portraits, and it’s a blast to use for all kinds of reasons. I got one with 100 LED’s and it’s super bright. This is the one I bought and it seems terrific so far.
  • Jeff: Going to recommend something I have recommended in the past because I think it is important to give some feedback on how one of our doodads holds up over time.  I know as a hobbyist photographer it is really important to me I get gear that will do the job, for the right price, and not fail quickly. I don’t want to buy the top of the line thing when something less expensive will do mostly the same job, as long as it will last for a decent amount of time.  Fotodiox F60 Quick-Collapse Flash Softbox. $50.



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