Latitude: Welcome Back From Norway

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Brian and Brent talk about trips to Norway, Sweden and Paris along with a hodge podge of other small topicsTopic 1: BRIAN: Norway, Sweden and Paris

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Topic 2: BRENT: Hodge Podge of small topics.

I’m reading a new book (to me) by Albert Podell. “Around the world in 50 years” covers 50 years of the author’s travels and adventures to every country on earth. Well written and fairly fast paced compared to what I normally read which usually goes into lots of detail on a place or topic.

Hunting for a travel tripod. I have a tiny one by Slik that I purchased about 13 years ago. Extremely portable but doesn’t get very tall and not really suited to my 5D4.
My Induro carbon fiber is too big for international travel, I don’t like the idea of taking a full-size tripod with me on the plane. I want one that’s smaller.
I used a Manfrotto 190go! Aluminum tripod in Croatia. It was fine but wasn’t exactly what I’m looking for. I love the option of the center column being able to come out the top and rotate around. Allows for really low angle or unique tripod positioning. Maybe if I had that idea but just a tad smaller and carbon fiber….
But anyway, just know that I’m on the search, I’ll certainly report my findings as I experiment with other gear. And if anyone wants to shoot me a recommendation I’m all ears (I might get more than I bargained for though 🙂

Listeners will remember that I like my messenger style bags. But I’m now looking for a reasonable backpack. I want something small-ish that can carry my 5d4 and three lenses and a 13” laptop. Plus a few essentials and a compact tripod.
So far I’ve found the Tamrac HooDoo 20 and 18 models. The 20 is about $100 new which is nice and it’s nice and compact. My goal with this would be to have a day pack type bag that holds a water bottle, some snacks and my shooting essentials. I don’t need it to hold my clothes, I’ll still use a small carry on for that. I might actually use my messenger for my clothes and the new backpack for my gear 🙂
I’ve considered going larger with a f-stop gear, but those tend to be a lot higher in price as well.

Finally decided to go for Global Entry. I just have to figure out a time I can get in to do the interview.

Finally purchased my plane ticket to Charleston for the Retreat. Very much looking forward to that!

Topic 3: Question: What’s one of the most rare images you had a chance to make? And by rare, either it’s tons of stupid luck or you pulled so many strings to make it happen.

Brian: Trolltunga & Iceland (Waterfall, Kirkjufell, northern lights, moon rising, shooting star) & Favre/Luck with Logo behind them

Brent: I’ve got two, Once when President Bush landed in Pasco
And once in Chile, I got to the top of a decrepit bell tower. (will elaborate stories a bit in the podcast)

Holiday Wish List

Brent – Rain Guard of some sort. I’m looking to head to the Oregon coast in Feb and it’ll probably rain at least once while I’m there.

Brian – Scratch off Map

Dream Destination of the week

Brian – Lofoten Islands, Norway

Brent – Ban Gioc, Vietnam. A waterfall on the border with China. 4th largest border waterfall in the world after Iguazu, Victoria and Niagra falls.

Good-bye in any language

Brian – Norwegian “ha det”

Brent – Vietnamese. “Tam biệt”

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