Dealing With Rejection and 5 Unconventional Landscape Tips

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Jim talks with Jeff about dealing with rejection (especially from clients) and 5 unconventional landscape tips based on an article at by Chris MowersDealing with Rejection

  • Jeff: Share story about a client who HATED my edits of her daughter’s senior photos.  Preferred the auto-toned, flat, blue-tinted proofs I sent her to cull.  For a couple of weeks I asked everyone I came in contact with which version was better.
  • Jeff: {another story if time} Total rejection on shooting the local high school football team the first year I tried.  School said they had an exclusive photographer.  Asked numerous sponsors of they would help me get a pass.  No go.  As of this recording I have now shot two football games this season and am working on a pass to get up to the University of Utah field where the high school will play in the semi-finals of the State playoffs.  Worked my way in by shooting basketball.

5 Unconventional Landscape Tips (article by Chris Mowers)

  1. Capture Detail
    1. Jeff: Love this suggestion.  I don’t do enough of it, my wife is very good at it.
  2. Multiple Exposure
    1. Jeff: Have never really tried this.  Maybe a little to abstract for me.
  3. Flip a Reflection
    1. Jeff: Never done this one either, though I really haven’t had too many water reflection shooting opportunities so far.
  4. Intentional Camera Movement
    1. Jeff:  I do this one all the time, except for the intentional part.
  5. Stack Clouds
    1. Jeff: I have actually done this.  Makes the sky so much more interesting and have often had the clouds move so fast it didn’t take that long.


  • Looking for 8 people with something cool to share about photography
  • IP+ is about to get awesomer
    • Going to another country to spend 3 days with one of the most creative photographers on the planet to record a tutorial for IP+.  I’ll leave it at that for now 🙂
    • I’m almost done with a new course called “Landscapes in Motion”
    • I’m also working on “Lighting in a Flash II”

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