Ideas To Get You Shooting This Summer

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Software Update Status

Adobe just released updates to both Lightroom and Photoshop here in early June 2020.  Lightroom has been updated to version 9.3 and Photoshop to version 21.2.0.  Both have a “Wait” status from Jeff of course, just hasn’t been long enough on the release to get the Photo Taco Seal of Approval.

I think I’ll do a more in-depth episode soon, but let’s talk briefly about two of the more compelling features that are in the new version of Lightroom Classic.

  • Local Color Adjustments
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction Presets

Check out this write-up and videos from our friend Greg Benz on the new features in Lightroom 9.3.

Ideas To Keep You Shooting This Summer

Most of us have been quarantined for months and I imagine it has affected how much we are getting out to shoot.  Here are some ideas that may help you get out there this summer and do some shooting

Shoot For Your Community

Brian has worked with his local government tourism department for many years and they recently reached out to him via email to hire him for their latest project – creating images of the local businesses doing a good job creating a safe environment for patronage.  Brain’s usual rate is $300/hr to work for the department, and they had done enough projects together they knew they had to tell him up-front that they have been hit hard by the craziness of 2020 and didn’t have their usual budget for this new project.  He agreed to a smaller fee of $150/hr this time in part because it was easy for him to do and in part because he really wants to support his local community during this time.

If you don’t have a relationship like this with your local tourism department then you might get that started by getting out to some of the small businesses in the area and offering to take professional photos that they can use on their website for free with you retaining the rights (get model and location releases).  Then you go visit your local tourism department and show them the images you have created, offer them for use for free and let them know you are interested in working with them as a hired photographer for future projects if they are interested.

Photography Groups

There is most likely at least one photography group meeting regularly in your area, well until 2020 hit that is, and they may be starting back up.  If you can’t find a group, get one started.  Getting together with other photographers can have so many benefits.  Networking with them so that clients they can’t take on for whatever reason may be referred to you for example.  Another benefit is having the group draw you out of your house.  You can be safe and practice appropriate social distancing, but it gives you some motivation and accountability to a group to get you out and shooting.

Kids Photography Assignment

Brain is going on a big road trip with his family soon and has already told his kids that he wants to see photos they take with their phones of the things they really like during the trip.  Something more than the silly faces they make and post on social media.  You could take a look at the free Viewfinder Project curriculum if you want to teach your kids a little more or offer something for kids to do to your local community.


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