Shooting the EOS-R, a listener’s perspective.

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Thank you for being here today as we talk about the Canon EOS R. Some people love it, some like to make fun of it. I haven’t handled it yet but I’m certainly intrigued by what Canon has for us in their first FF mirrorless camera.

Today I’m joined by a listener, Mary Malinconico. She uses the EOS R and I’m so glad she’s able to come on the show and talk about this camera with me. Mary, welcome to the show!

Before we get to the camera, let’s learn a bit about yourself. I know you’re a teacher, but fill in the a few details for the listeners.

And how long have you been shooting?

We met at a Nick Page workshop a couple years ago. How have you grown in your photography since that time?

OK, now on to the camera.

You have the EOS R. Just to get a base idea of your kit, what lenses do you have and do you still shoot with other camera bodies, or are you all in on the R?

What do you really love about the camera?

Is there one thing that you don’t care for on the camera?



  1. Great episode Brent and Mary!

    I also switch to Mirrorless for EVF also the more precise focus. I found not having the issues associated with the mirror (back and front focus) made my lenses perform better than ever.

    I heard you say that you would take 6 or 7 shots to get the image right, do you shoot in RAW or JPEG or of curiosity?

    1. Daniel, Thanks for listening to the podcast…it was great to be a guest. I shoot in RAW only. This allows me more flexibility in post-processing. My 7D did not have the dynamic range to capture the images I wanted to make…especially when I am shooting in Abandoned Places.

  2. Brent,
    This was a fantastic podcast. I really enjoyed Mary’s review and perspective of the new Canon. I had a chance to shoot with it for a week and I’m just going to have to wait. Believe it or not, not having a joystick is a no go for me personally. I’m not a pixel peeper so for me it comes down to ergonomics. I did not like the way the camera felt in my hands, and that touch bar, again to me is a gimmick. I could almost dismiss not having two card slots, but I have had a card fail before. Once burned! I am waiting to see what’s next on Canon’s drawing board as that still is my favorite kit. Speaking of camera sizes I think it would always be good to differentiate MFT, APSC & FF. Size is a moot point with the latter two. I’m shooting the Fuji X series now and seriously with the fast glass I’m using and their long zooms this kit absolutely does not feel much lighter (and the balance is wonky) than a 7D/5D kit with some L-glass. Looking forward to your review when you have the chance.

  3. Great guest with Mary learned a lot about the new mirrorless system have her back for other topics if you can

  4. So Mary’s favourite things about the Eos R is EVF, adapter and focus peaking.

    Doesn’t seem worth the wait then, since every other system has had these for years…

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