Quarantine Resources For Photographers

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Quarantine Resources For Photographers

Brian, you are a full time school teacher and part time professional photographer, how has COVID-19 impacted you?

Brian: Wow. Where to begin? Our school building closed down two weeks ago and we have moved to teaching online. Fortunately, I’m in a community where students have the technology and we’ve used aspects of it in the classroom a bit this past year, so the transition for teaching hasn’t been too difficult. Been making fun YouTube videos for my students to try to keep things entertaining for them! “Students around the world are in tears as they see their teachers become famous YouTubers before they do!” My role has increased tremendously though. Fortunately, my wife is still employed. She’s been working above our garage in the studio space I’ve been working on over the years. My daughter graduated from high school early so she doesn’t have school work. It’s mainly been me helping our three boys with their school, making food, cleaning the house, etc. Basically attempting to do what my wife did for many years, only, I’m not my wife. I struggle at juggling it all. 

I’m an optimist though. I went into this with the thought of channeling my inner Nick Page and trying to take advantage of this opportunity. When Nick had his back surgery, he spent like 6 months just watching and learning photography and Photoshop. He took a difficult situation and made the best out of it. This inspires me. I want to use this time to expand my skills and master my photography. When this is all over, I need to come out of it better than what I was. I need to be more valuable than I am now. To me, this is a great opportunity to capture history through photos and what I feel is becoming more of the future – with videography. I’m going to use this time to capture the stillness of my city through photos and videos.

Jeff: My full time job is in Information Security and I have worked from home for a little over a year before the pandemic forced everyone into their homes.  I am extremely fortunate that my job has thus far not been impacted by COVID-19. I am greatly blessed. I am however being inundated with COVID-19 news and information.  Seems like every company I have had the smallest connection with is sending me emails about how it is they are helping with COVID-19. It can get a little tiresome, I know my wife prefers not to be updated with the numbers, but there has also been quite a bit of good to come out of this world-wide pandemic.

For all of you listeners who are being severely impacted financially, we wish you the best and wanted to make sure you were aware of some resources available to you.

What To Do Now?


The article basically states that the “new normal” will look different than today’s normal. Mindsets that drive customers to engage and spend will shift. 80% of organizations will find that their current playbook won’t work anymore. 

There are four key activities every organization should be doing right now:

  1. Conserve: keep only what you need in order to survive.
  2. Adapt: explore ways to sustain your organization in the current situation.
  3. Innovate: design new products, services, and offerings for existing and new customers.
  4. Shift: change internal cultures, brand perceptions, and a narrative to reflect the new reality.

Just because you may not be doing shoots right now, doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. Some things you can do right now during this time to keep advancing and being ready to go when things get back to the “new normal” including some of these ideas

  • Check the focus on your lenses – like Jeff just did. Check out the AFMA Explained and AFMA Revisited Photo Taco podcast episodes for more information on this.
  • Practice your flash!
  • Capture your city for historical (and future business opportunities) purposes.
  • Capture your family so they have images to share with their children/grandchildren someday when asked what they did during the Coronavirus.
  • Zoom with local photographers for meetups.
  • Photograph families on their doorsteps from afar. 
  • Organize your images.
  • Catch up on old albums you’ve always wanted to design.
  • Update your website. 
  • Start a blog/YouTube – something is better than nothing. Vlog about life as a photographer during Coronavirus?
  • Edit old images from before you had any clue as to what you were doing.
  • Learn something COMPLETELY different – Ukulele for me.
  • Read books about your most important aspect as a photographer – YOU & YOUR PERSONALITY!
Phlearn Resources

Phlearn Quarantine Resources

There is a huge list of photography related resources listed by Phlearn.  They have a lot of things to checkout for financial support between grants and banks who are ready to help.  Be careful of scams, if someone calls saying they want to offer financial aid, unfortunately that is a scam.  This includes anyone who may try to tell you that you can get money from the stimulus package faster.  There are even bad people trying to convince you to give out personal information by saying they will send you a COVID-19 test.  

They also have suggestions on where you can sell your work now that you can’t get out there and do that yourself.  Finally, they have a lot of free or inexpensive training options listed there. You can get the Phlearn Pro subscription plan 40% off ($60 for your first year) using coupon code MASTER40.  That is only good through April 6, 2020.

Nick Page Photoshop Courses

Our good friend, Nick Page (Lord Page!), has been offering his Nick Page Photography Courses at 50% off.  That ended for the world on 4/1/2020, but he has given us coupon code MPPODCAST good through 4/8/2020.

F64 Lunch Bunch

My friends Steve Brazill and Don Komarechka are part of the f64 Lunch Bunch put on by Skip Cohen.  They are doing free zoom webinars at 2pm EST on Wednesdays.

Macro Photography Course

Again, something from my friend Don Komarechka with a macro photography course that is free.

All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Bundle

You can get the All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Bundle (97% off – $34).  Include 8 courses and over 60 hours of content covering the most popular Adobe Create Cloud applications.

Artists’ Notebook Project

Free webinars with our friend Levi Sim and other prominent professional photographers happening frequently.  Go and check out the Artists’ Notebook Project Facebook group for more information.

F-Stoppers Photography 101

You can check out the Photography 101 courses from F-Stoppers.  Regularly $99 and completely free right now.

Cole’s Classroom Pro

Through April 8th you can get Cole’s Classroom Pro, that has 50 courses and 200 videos, for free.

CreativeLive & Skill Share



Photo Contest

Let’s talk prizes first:

  • 30 minute mentoring session with Brent Bergherm
  • 30 minute mentoring session with Connor Hibbs
  • 30 minute mentoring session with Brian McGuckin
  • 30 minute photography business mentoring session with Erica Kay
  • 30 minute editing session with Jeff Harmon
  • A chance to have your image make the top ten of all entries.  The top ten will be shared to the Facebook group and in the show notes when we talk about them in a future episode.
  • A chance to have your image selected as the best entered and come on the show with us!

We will pick five random winners with each getting one of those prizes.  Everyone who shares an image in our Master Photography Photo Contest Flickr group will be entered to win.  You do have to create a Flickr account to enter, but we hope that is a little more accessible than Facebook.


  • You have to create the image between 3/19/2020 and 4/19/2020
  • You have to share the image to the Flickr group at https://www.flickr.com/groups/mpcontest/
  • Because the group is fully public and anyone can share an image, you have to tag the image #creativejuices.  We are only saying this on the episode and putting that in the show notes to prevent a random photographer who may find the group from being entered.  That tag is critical!
  • You can only share one image per day.  Flickr will restrict you to that, another reason we wanted to use Flickr here.
  • Keep the images safe for work.  You all know what that is, no further explanation necessary.



  1. Hi Jeff
    Have been a regualr listener of Master Photography for over 12 months and also Photo Taco podacst . Have yet to explore Lattitude. I know in one of episodes and possibly even more you make reference to a facebook group and to be part of it you must name one of the hosts. Where do I find the link to send a request? I’m often a week behind the podcasts and invariably the car. Finding time to action things in a timely manner to get some traction with my photography has been a consistent challenge. Thought I would ahve some more time with the COVID – 19 pandemic. Life is just getting busier and slightly more complicated, Trying to commit to keep my photographic practice up, do not want it to fall by the wayside for lots of reasons. Hope you and the team maintain good health. Not a great email apologies its late in Melbourne, Australia

    1. Author

      Hey there Chris, the link to the Facebook group is at the bottom of every episode show notes. You open that link up and ask to join the group.

  2. Re checking the focus on your lenses, it would have been useful and informative to point out that most mid to high end Nikon cameras since the D3 have an AF Fine Tune feature built in which removes the need to use any of the techniques you describe.

    Re Brian’s cameras, quoting a series of model numbers is somewhat meaningless without a brand name. I suspect that this may be a Canon-centric podcast.

    Re dates, please use an unambiguous date format. For the US, 4-8-2020 is 8 April 2020, for the rest of the world it is 4 August 2020.

    1. Author

      Hey there Paul. Thanks for listening and taking the time to provide feedback. I am indeed a Canon shooter but we do try and make the episodes as applicable across all camera types.

      AF fine-tune is indeed the same feature in Nikon as is AF Micro Adjust in Canon. AF fine-tune works exactly the same way, even in the D3. You have to determine the adjustment values to use:


      You will notice in those instructions the process to go through to determine what values to use, I have tested many methods and prefer the Dot Tune method.

      I can’t make everyone happy with how everything is presented. Dates aren’t standardized the same everywhere and I do try to remember international listeners but it isn’t fully natural and my American tendencies do come through. I will try to do better.

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