PASS’ing The Test!

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Darin sits down with Nick & Brian to answer questions from listeners of the podcast ranging from beginner to advanced. Nick & Darin get nerdy while Brian attempts to keep them grounded. The three tackle the benefits of online galleries & replacing the sky in Photoshop.


  1. Where are the show notes and links? Being Deaf these are very important since I miss words, names of people and stuff/things are near impossible without the spelling.

    1. Author


      We are so glad to hear that the current format of our show notes has enabled you to enjoy and benefit from our content without being able to hear it. Unfortunately not all of our episodes have followed the same format with the very extensive show notes that nearly make it possible to have the full benefit of listening to the show when you read them. I wish there was an inexpensive way to get the show notes created for some of the past episodes when the podcast was Improve Photography so that we could enable people like you to enjoy them but I am not aware of anything that would get us there today.

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