LinkedIn for Photographers with Brent Bergherm and Jeff Brown

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Jeff Brown, thanks for joining me today.

Today we’ll be talking about the power of LinkedIn for photographers.

Questions for Jeff:

1.    What’s special about LinkedIn?

2.    Another social media platform to manage… tips on how to balance LinkedIn with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. (I don’t use twitter, but I do FB and a bit of insta)

3.    How can I focus what I’m doing on LinkedIn for audience building and serving them?

a.    For the Nature Photographer?

b.    For the Portrait/Wedding photographer?

c.    For the travel photographer?

d.    For the Sports Photographer?

e.    Commercial Photographer (hotels etc.)

f.     For the workshop leader/online course seller like myself?

4.    Here’s something I don’t talk about much, because, well, I do like my day job. I’m a university professor teaching design and photography. But I have this insatiable desire to be fully self-employed. I could be better at marketing, what can you tell me that will get me over the hump and moving in the right direction?

5.    Other questions that come up from the conversation.

6.    Maybe talk about the six steps guide if possible.

Jeff Brown the photographer’s mentor on LinkedIn

The photographers missing link 2ndedition.

Next book, photographer’s blueprint to success.

FB group (focus on marketing) open to anyone.

Photographer’s Linked in Success Group, along with the book.


Thanks so much for listening and we’ll see you in another 7 days.


  1. Maybe you might want to put in the show notes URL’s for your LinkedIn page as well as Jeff’s. You are pretty easy to find, but there are a few thousand Jeff Brown’s out there.

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