Latitude: Interviews with LensBaby Founder and MySunset App Creator

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Interviews with LensBaby founder Craig Strong and creator of the MySunset app Emily JeppsonTopic 1: BRIAN: Interview with LensBaby Founder, Craig Strong
So, I wanted to do this interview because recently I traveled to Paris and I’ve shot the Eiffel Tower before. I wanted to be intentional this time and be more creative with my shots I used the Lensbaby Composer Pro II w/ EDGE 50 OPTIC as a tool to help me see with a new perspective.

Craig Strong shares about the different lenses Lensbaby has to offer and explains how it’s not about the end result of an image looking like an Instagram filter. It’s about the experience along the way and how two people can have the same lens standing in the same spot and produce completely different results. Check out my Instagram @brianmcguckin to see my best result of the Eifel Tower and see more of Lensbaby on Facebook or Instagram @seeinanewway


Topic 2: BRENT:

A few announcements.
Free Saturdays will continue into the new year at I just like being able to offer something unique to my customers, they’ve enjoyed it and I like being able to offer it as well. So I’ll now continue it through Spring 2018.
My Croatia workshop is now available at my website. You can also look up and it’ll forward you right there.
I’ll be taking up to six photographers to my favorite spots in Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina. We’ll shoot spectacular waterfalls, historic old towns and cities, the beautiful adriatic coast and so much more. Head on over to the site for all the details and to sign up. Plus, while you’re there, I’ve got a teaser for another workshop I’m putting together, just click on the “travel with me” button at the top and find out more about my second European workshop happening in summer 2018

Interview with Emily Jeppson, author of the MySunset app available in the Google Play store and the iOS App Store.

Dream Destination of the week

Brian – Galapagos Islands.

Brent – Western NC. I’m a waterfall nut and this placed is FILLED with them.

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