Sony A7R3 and Lr Classic CC Improvements

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Jim talks with guests about Sony A7R3 and Lightroom Classic CC ImprovementsWhat Happened?!

Sony a7r iii

Improvements to Lightroom Classic CC

  • Are its days numbered?
  • Embedded/Sidecar previews at import makes for a faster experience but we have to be told
    • Not Photo Mechanic fast, but better
  • Range Masking Feature in local adjustments is AWESOME
    • Artificial Intelligence Search feature is really cool (Are the days of keywording numbered?)
    • Surprised that the curves adjustment didn’t make it into the first release
    • I believe that future releases will address concerns held by many with working entirely in the cloudThe all-new Lightroom CC
  • LR vs Capture 1: first thoughts?Announcements
    • Looking for 8 people with something cool to share about photography
    • IP+ is about to get awesomer
      • Going to another country to spend 3 days with one of the most creative photographers on the planet to record a tutorial for IP+.  I’ll leave it at that for now 🙂
      • I’m almost done with a new course called “Landscapes in Motion”
      • I’m also working on “Lighting in a Flash II”

    Doodads of the Week!

    • Brad: HotHands Hand Warmers Useful for all the traditional purposes PLUS keeping your lens warm while shooting in conditions where dew and/or frost can become a real problem.
    • Kirk: DecoColor Metallic Pen and melamine foam (magic eraser) for metal prints
    • Jim: Sony a7r iii

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