Learn Composition, Color, True to Life Subjects From Masters

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Jim Harmer talks about composition, color, truth to life resources he has found helpful

Art Wolfe

Massive.  Bunches. Patterns.

Rarely includes light source

More environment than individual

Steve McCurry

Straight into the camera–looking up

Gritty.  Textured.

One subject

Close up.  Widish lens.

Afghan Girl

Jeremy Cowart

Dark, moody




Annie Liebovitz

Subdued colors

Not much background.  Many backdrop.

Constrasty face lighting

Peter Lik

Very bright colors

Not too epic.  Just nice mornings in different places.


Felix Hernandez


Other worldly


Metal Prints

Pure Art Printers in St. George, Utah

Metal was as good as acrylic.  Seriously.

Huge printer – Epson SureColor F7200

Prints on transparency, then smashed onto metal

CNC machine to cut metal

Giant press to smash the two together


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