Model Releases and Listener Questions

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Jim talks with Jeff about when you need a model release and listener questions about differences between Canon Rebel and 5M3, RAID storage, and L-bracketsWhen Do You Need a Model Release?

  • Model releases are only valuable for the PUBLISHING of a photo–not the taking
  • Uses
    • Street photography
    • Book cover
    • Website
    • Social media
    • News
    • Selling a print

Listener Questions

  • Alex Crossland: Has a Canon Rebel T1i and is looking at either a 5D Mark II or Mark III. The only differences that I’m really interested in are the AF points and the 2 card slots. But since my Rebel only has 9 points and one slot, I don’t have experience with those features.
    • Jim: He probably has no idea how much low light performance has improved since the T1i.  He’s in for a HUGE surprise!
    • Jeff: Maybe not quite as big as you think.  I looked it up ot as big a difference as you would hope.
      • I would have looked it up using Bill Claff’s site but he doesn’t have any data for the T1i.  So I looked at it on DxOMark.  ISO performance is so close it looks completely identical until ISO 3200 where 7D2 just barely does better.  Dynamic range isn’t really different until you get to ISO 1600 when 7D2 gets a little better.  Not much different with the 5D3.  Not massively different.  Better ISO at 6400 and very different at 12800.  Dynamic range about twice as good with 5D3 over T1i at ISO 800 and 3 times better at ISO 3200.
      • The things you do get are features and build quality.  7D2 feels like a completely different thing compared to the T1i.  It has weather sealing.  It has video.  It has more focus points and a much faster focus system.  It has GPS.  It has fps of 10.  5 more megapixels.
      • I responded to him on the Facebook group already, but the thing most hobbyists and beginners don’t realize is the cost of the lenses besides the cost of the camera body.  Alex seemed to get that here, but rather than it being an $800 difference in the cost of the body, it can be thousands of dollars in the cost of the lenses.  It is why I am still shooting the 7D2 today.  I do finally have the glass now after saving up and investing in it over the past 5 years and going with Tamron instead of Canon there, but really don’t have anything compelling me right now to go full frame even though I have the glass.
  • Drew Fellers: Does anybody have any suggestions on a backup workflow? I’m up to my eyeballs in external drives. I’m thinking about getting a RAID system. Any suggestions???
    • Jeff.  Have an article out at called “The Ultimate Backup Workflow for Photographers”.  If you search google for that will probably be the first thing to come up.  Don’t need to go over everything here, but a Synology NAS is the next investment I am saving for because I am headed for the second storage wall photographers hit very soon.
  • Joseph Land: I primarily shoot landscapes and I finally bought an L-Bracket. My only question is why didn’t I use this before?!?!? Total game changer!
    • Totally agree!  I got an L bracket at the beginning of the summer, which meant getting a new tripod head too so that I could use an Arca-Swiss quick release that the L bracket requires.  Another kind of hidden cost I know as a hobbyist I didn’t think about until I decided to finally get an L bracket.


  • Abe Lincoln Powder horn caller (I can’t hear it btw)

News Desk:

  • None


  • Print lab winners from Brian’s test
    • Pro DPI was best canvas print
    • Bay Photo won best metal print
    • Nevada Art Printers won best acrylic
  • Have we finally fixed the rGPS upgrade bug?  I think so!

Doodads of the Week!

  • Jim: Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens
  • Jeff: Lightroom Mobile!

Doo-dont of the Week!

  • Jeff: Lexar JumpDrive S45.  128GB slim profile USB thumb drive.  Complete failure with little use in less than 8 months.

DooRandom of the Week

  • – My new project 🙂

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