Lightroom, Alternatives, and Mobile Workflows

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Jim talks with Connor and Brad about Lightroom, Lightroom alternatives, and mobile workflowsLightroom or bust?

  • Why leave LR Classic
    • Pros
    • Cons
  • Where to go
    • Capture One
    • All-new LR
    • Macphun (Sklyum) Luminar 2018?


Mobile Workflow

  • Why do we need a mobile workflow?
    • Instant gratification
  • Where do the files live?
  • Does an iPad edit fast enough on a large raw file?
  • Best device for running a mobile workflow


  • Looking for 8 people with something cool to share about photography
  • IP+ is about to get awesomer
    • Going to another country to spend 3 days with one of the most creative photographers on the planet to record a tutorial for IP+.
    • I’m almost done with a new course called “Landscapes in Motion”

Doodads of the Week!

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