Portrait Session: Facebook Q&A

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Erica & Connor answer questions from the Improve Photography Podcast Facebook group

Andrea De Anda Hi Erica, I’m moving from the Central Coast to the Bay area, What tips or advice would you give a wedding photographer like me to start/transfer my business to another city???

Justin Zaffarese How much can a professional photographer expect to earn ? I know that is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is ,but, it’s just seldom discussed. I don’t ever hear pro’s mentioning how much they make. Starting with you Erica haha

Sheila Salinas I see some photographers who specializes on photographing families, kids, and babies use props. What is your take on using props? Do you recommend or advise clients in outfits such as colors and patterns. If so, what are they?

Frank Gallagher Seems like every year there’s a different trend in portrait styles. One year everything is shot on a stark white background. Another year, everything is high key. What do you do–change your style with every trend? Try to do a classic set-up that will last and outlive trends? Some combination of the two?

Anand Acharya Do you deliver the digitals with print release as part of the session? It is highly debated topic though. I would like to get your view on this.

Aaron Taylor How have you both changed since you first began hosting Portrait Session? How has your photography evolved? How have your businesses changed? What would you say are the one or two important things you’ve learned that you wish you knew at the beginning?

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