Photo Taco: DPI With Don Komarechka

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Jeff Harmon talks with guest host Don Komarechka about DPI, a topic most professional photographers actually don’t understand.

They talk about how file size, pixel dimensions, and DPI don’t really have anything to do with each other, how Adobe isn’t doing photographers any favors with how DPI is so prominently displayed in Photoshop and Lightroom, and how even the best of pros don’t really seem to understand the concepts.


Two listener questions that represent hundreds of requests to help with DPI:

  • I did a headshot for a “program”. I delivered it at 2000×3000 pixels and 300 dpi…..Now I get a note that it is not hi res enough (and not 300 dpi), but this is from someone just relating what they were told by the program people. Shouldn’t my specs be “hi res” enough? Not sure what they are looking for
  • I have a file that is 17MB and 4480×6720 at 300dpi. Do you have a chart that shows up to how big that can be printed?


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