Creative Juices Contest Winner – Dee Cusick

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About Dee Cusick

Dee picked up a camera five or six years ago.  She grew up in the Pacific Northwest on and around cattle farms, which has greatly influenced what she shoots.  She had intended to try and get her PRCA photography card so that she could be a full time professional photographer here in 2020, but a little world-wide pandemic has changed that.

Bucking Bronco Shot

This isn’t the shot that was chosen as the winner of the contest, but it is another that you need to check out that we talked about in the episode:

It’s almost rodeo season…can’t wait for it❤️ #nikonnofilter #nikon70200 #nikon

Posted by D. Cusick Photography on Friday, January 18, 2019

How Dee Got The Shot

Trial by Fire #creativejuices

This amazing shot was one of hundreds that were taken that day.  Dee was invited out to her friend’s cattle ranch to create images as they branded calves.  She went into the shoot with a vision in her head of the kind of image she wanted to create but had never attempted to shoot cattle branding.

Armed with plenty of experience getting good exposure, she knew that the action would be fast enough she needed a fairly fast shutter speed, going with 1/500, and because she was shooting full frame she needed to have a little bit of depth of field and chose f/4.  ISO was 100 of course.

With the camera set for getting the exposure she wanted, now the challenge was getting the camera in position to capture the composition that matched the vision she had for her shot.  This proved the be the most difficult part of the shoot as the camera had to be inches off the ground and made it so that even lying on the ground she couldn’t see what she was shooting through the viewfinder or live view very well.

It took hundreds of shots to get this one that was clearly the best from the shoot.  Years of experience shooting rodeos and cowboys with horses combined with the tenacity and patience to work hard at creating an image that matched her vision led to a photo that won our contest.


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