Canon Announcements with Mary Malinconico

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I’ve been busy with a lot of things and haven’t been here on MPP for a bit. We sold our home, made an offer on a new one and we’re just waiting for the process to play out now. I’ve made three different short trips to the Palouse region and am busy working on my Latitude Photography School, I’ll comment on that a bit later about a special I’m running.

Let’s get right to today’s main topic, the Canon Announcement. Mary, what are your initial thoughts?


Looking for In Body Stabilization and new lenses along with the new cameras. Looking for 100-400, and longer lenses as well as a 100 or 180 mm macro len.  

Brent: I kind of feel that it’s all fine and good, but with the rumor mill so accurate it’s almost a bit of a let down, no surprises at all. But, whatever… There’s still some really good things that are confirmed here, let’s talk about them. And also, in the show notes I have an outline of the Canon Announcements event from this morning, if anyone wants to see a brief synopsis of what happened, but we’ll be talking about things a bit out of order here.


EOS RP- 27 megapixels – Full – body only – $ 999

EOS R – 30 megapixels – Full – Body only – $ 1799

EOS Ra – 30 megapixels – Full – body only – $ 2499

EOS R6 – 20 megapixels – Full – Body only – $ 2499

EOS R5 – 45 megapixels – full – body only – $ 3899

R5 $3,899

We’ll largely be skipping over the video capabilities of this camera since we covered it in a previous episode.  

45MP, 12 fps mechanical, 20fps electronic

100% AF point coverage, 1,053 AF Areas

Subject Tracking People and Animals

In-Body Image Stabilization, up to 8 stops shake correction when combined with IS lenses.

Dual Card Slots, CF Express, 

5.76MP OLED Electronic Viewfinder

2.5/5Ghz WiFi, Bluetooth

1.43 pounds / 650g BODY ONLY (5dMk4 for comparison 1.76 lb / 800g)

R6 $2,499

8K video

Full Frame 20 megapixel 

In Body Stabilizer – 5 Axis IBIS


Dual Pixel AF 2

1053 AF points

Eye and Head Detection

Animal detection AF 

UDH 4 K 60 p

Full HD 120P

12 – 20 fps

100% view LCD

1053 AF zone

Animal Eye AF?

Dual Slot = SD x2 UHS-II

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

New Lenses:

RF 100-500 f4.5-7.1 IS USM – 5 Stops of IS and three image stabilization modes

RF 600 F11 IS STM = $699 – Fixed F stop at F11

RF 800 F11 IS STM = $ 899 – Fixed F stop at F11

RF 85 F2 Macro IS STM – $599 with 1.15 feet focus

Two new Extenders:

RF 1.4 x = $499

RF 2x = $ 599

Canon Printer

imagePROGRAF Pro-300 $899

Canon Announcements

Intro: Peter McKinnon

Senior Director of Customer Experience Marketing for Canon USA. Rita Dubey

Drew MacCallum

  1. EOS R5
    1. New Canon Designed 45MP Sensor
      1. Expanded Dynamic Range
      2. Digic X Processor
    2. 12fps mechanical
    3. 20fps electronic
    4. 1053 AF zones 100% coverage
    5. Face, eye, head detection, Animal Eye AF (dogs cats birds)
  2. Peter McKinnon Video
  3. Interview with Lindsay Adler and Sal Cincotta
    1. Adler says it feels and works like the 5D4, benefits of the R lineup, when she took the first shot, the eye tracking AF was instant.
    2. Cincotta; versatile. High performance stills, High performance video.
      1. “I need that resolution to sell a large print” I’d rather have it than not.
      2. The speed of the camera
    3. Adler top 3 of the R5
      1. Used to be terrified at shooting at f/1.2; now I know I’m nailing the shot.
      2. 100% focus coverage for AF points, Focus and recompose is no longer a thing
      3. So many video capabilities.
      4. Dual Card Slots, joystick, “Canon Listened, they care”
      5. In Body stabilization. ⅙ second “old Holllywood” shoot, turned off the strobes and still got great shallow DOF shots.
  4. Tyler Stabelford
    1. 8K and 4K (at up to 120 fps)
    2. Dual pixel AF

Brandon Chin

  1. Canon R6
    1. Completely “reborn” 6-series camera
    2. 20.1 MP with Digic X processor
    3. IBIS, same as that found in R5
    4. 12fps mechanical, 20fps electronic
    5. Same AF system as R5, 100% coverage of the field. 1053 AF zones
    6. Eye detection, Head Detection, Animal Detection (body, face, eyes of dogs, cats and birds)
    7. 4K@60p
    8. Full HD at 120p
    9. Dual Pixel CMOS AF II in all modes
    10. Dual UHSII SD Card Slots
    11. Joystick, dual control dials, 
    12. OLED viewfinder, 120fps
  2. Vanessa Joy and Roberto Valenzuela
    1. “Top 3 loves of the R6” Versatile, Price, AF
    2. Familiar controls, AF is remarkable, 
    3. Shows a large print, “I wouldn’t let that [smaller resolution] get to your head.”
    4. IBIS + IS lenses = 8 stops of stabilization.

Jim Booth

  1. Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-300 “An image is not a photo until it’s printed”
    1. 9 color + chrome optimizer. 
    2. Lucia Pro, expanded gamut and greater density blacks. Especially in matte black.
    3. Skew correction ensures accurate feeding
    4. Nozzle recovery system, if clog is detected, others will compensate for it. 
    5. Longer user defined sizes, 39” max, up form pro-10 at about 26”
  2. Joel Grimes
    1. Setup, really easy to set up, the printer tells you what steps to do.
    2. I make a B&W print first.
    3. The Color, tonal range, detail, 
    4. “I live for seeing my work in print.” “It’s the ultimate statement I can make as an artist.”

Angelica Li

  1. Canon Professional Print and Layout Software
    1. A way to make great prints easily and efficiently 
    2. Use as stand alone app or as a plugin to your favorite software
    3. Canon Paper: Premium Fine Art Rough

Rudy Winston

  1. RF Lenses with Rick Sammon
    1. 100–500mm f/4.5–7.1L IS USM
    2. Nearly .5lb lighter than EF 100-400
    3. 5 stops of IS
    4. 77mm filters
    5. Professional sharpness, strength and weather resistance.
    6. RF 600mm f/11  RF 800mm f/11
    7. Fixed f/11 aperture
    8. 600 weighs about the same as the 85mm f/1.2
    9. Both have IS and accept both tele-extenders
  2. Rick Sammon
    1. Top features on the camera
      1. Focus tracking, set to people or animal or no preference
    2. New lenses, fixed aperture
      1. Boost the ISO in low light conditions, shooting at ISO 10,000 and getting really cool shots.

Eric Stoner, one more lens

  1. RF 85mm f/2 macro IS STM
  2. “Half macro” capabilities.
  3. 9-blade circular aperture
  4. 5-stops of IS
  5. Close focus 1.15 ft. “Half life-size”
  6. 1.1 pounds


Thanks so much for listening and we’ll see you in another 7 days.

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