Camera Bans, Shooting the Football Hall of Fame, and Prime Lens Selection

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Topic 1: “Professional” Camera Bans:

Jeff Brentlinger Brought to our Attention the fact that the Indiana State Fair Banned cameras with lenses larger than 3 inches. When are bans like these legitimate ones and when are they just silly? Why do you think places put bans like this in place? Is it a safety issue or some other reason? It is similar to places that have tripod bans, but in this instance, I really don’t understand why they would do so. The fair has since repealed their rule on the cameras due to public outcry, but it begs the question why that would happen in the first place. How do you feel about the assumptions made by average people about what constitutes “Professional” gear?

Topic 2: Brian’s Lessons Learned from Photographing the Professional Football Hall of Fame

Expect the unexpected.

Have extra time.

Be kind!

Bring more than necessary.

  • Snacks.

Topic 3: Recommendations for purchasing prime lenses.

Tanja Hansen having a hard time deciding between the 35mm f/1.8G and the 50mm f/1.8G. I have heard so much about the ‘nifty fifty’ but am concerned that I’ll have a hard time fitting everything in the frame (I very rarely use my kit lens at 50mm). However, I’ve read that the bokeh on the 35mm doesn’t compare to the 55mm. Which one should I purchase? I primarily photograph families and children. Thank you!


Connor: Audible Subscription

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Brian: Canon 1.4 Telephoto Extender


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