Call-in Show: Listeners Join with their questions

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Call In Show

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Welcome to the Master Photography Roundtable part of the Master Photography Podcast Network!  You are joined by thousands of photographers listening to this show who are all on the same journey to master their photography.  I am Brent Bergherm, the host for this episode, and this time I will be joined by a few listeners as this is a special call-in show.

First up we have Aaron Carr, Aaron, welcome to the show.

Conversation with Aaron Carr

The topic you wanted to talk about was dealing with haze in cityscape images.

Advice: Look for ways to shoot closer in objects such as a park or other interesting items that are in the foreground. Consider using the haze to find ways to show depth in the image. Have things close in, mid ground and further away, that way, the haze isn’t something you fight, but something you use to make it a better image.

And your next question deals with a lens’ sweet spot and what we can do to get the sharpest results from our gear.

Advice: Yes, the sweet spot in about f/8 to f/11 on most lenses. Shooting more stopped down will start to cause a phenomena called diffraction to take over and it end up softening your images even those more items are in focus due to your increased depth of field. In your cityscapes example, usually you’re far enough away that increased depth of field is useless to you anyway since you’re focusing at infinity.

And you’re a new lightroom user. Congratulations!

Advice: Respect the catalog. Do things in lightroom only and don’t mess with images outside of lightroom. Since you have raw images from everything you ever shot you’re in a good position to go back and get those reprocessed once you learn how to do the image processing.

Conversation with Wendy Gunderson

My next caller is Wendy Gunderson. Wendy, welcome to the show…

Wendy’s websites:

We had a question come through on the facebook group about contracts and such, and you volunteers to chime in on the subject. You’re a lawyer from Wisconsin, what do you have for us today?

Item one: Importance of contracts.

Item two: Importance of using forms as a starting point.

Travel Buddies with Roger Dallman

My next caller is Roger Dallman and we’re talking about travel buddies. Making connections through photography experiences vs being a loner.

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