Latitude: Brian Leaving, Insane Efforts, Brent’s Workshops

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Announcement: Brian is leaving the Latitude podcast in the capable hands of Brent.  He is going to revive his old “Thoughts on Photography” show, which Master Photography listeners should make sure to subscribe to.

Topic 1: Question: What’s one of the most exciting or insane things you’ve done while traveling to get the shot?

Brian: I know it’s fresh from my trip, but hiking 8 hours round trip to Trolltunga…

Brent: I took a paragliding trip in Chile. Story behind the shots…
Pigeons in India and/or Chile.

Topic 2: Brent’s Workshops. Just a quick announcement/reminder.
Going to put a spot on my site soon about private workshops. Can be for anywhere, and is customized.

Topic 3: Washington D.C.

Dream Destination

Brian – Maldives: dinoflagellates – little phytoplankton that give off electrical signals in the moonlight

Brent – Manaus, Brazil. The meeting of the waters.

Good-bye in any language

Brian – French (bon voyage)

Brent – Portuguese

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