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Jeff talks with computer building expert Matt Bach of Puget Systems about the best choices for building a computer to run Lightroom in 2018.  They talk about all of the decisions to make to custom build a Windows computer, as well as the recommendations for where it is worth spending the money if you are buying a Mac or a PC from a big box store.

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  1. Great show Jeff! I was hoping you guys would recommend a brand for spinning hard drives. I recently purchased a Western Digital blue drive, and I suspect their might be something wrong with it. Lightroom has been showing corrupted files on some of my images from my shoots. Maybe you can make a show about corrupted files in Lightroom. I know there are a lot factors that come into play, but maybe go through a chain of causality? Oh and 4K all the way!

    1. Author


      We did talk a little bit about HGST branded drives, which has been my recommendation for many years now. Though the brand has been bought by Western Digital now, so they are really the same thing at this point. I don’t think it matters much on the brand. Every once in a while there is a specific make/model of a drive that seems to have a higher failure rate than the others, but they are all pretty even really so it is best to look around for the right deal on them when deciding for the most part.

      Even though I have loved the HGST brand, I just barely had one die within a few weeks of getting it. It is how these things work these days. They tend to fail shortly after being in use or well into their life 4 or 5 years later, not something in the middle. The best thing to do is make sure you have good backups because no matter which you choose it is going to fail and you just don’t know when.

      The other thing to mention is to avoid the drives branded as being “green”. They have firmware that has them spin down as much as possible and therefore perform more slowly. Many would say you should buy drives made for RAID systems because the firmware on them is built to be used and abused more than other drives, but cloud provider BackBlaze has provided a lot of data about the various drives they buy and put into use and their data suggests that the “enterprise” drives made to be put in RAID systems aren’t vastly different in performance or reliability compared with the consumer branded and priced drives.

      I personally choose HGST consumer drives and have been very happy with them, but it really doesn’t matter. 7200RPM SATA drives are all pretty good.

  2. Interesting timing on this podcast with the announcement of the new Mac Book Pro’s. Do you all have a config on the new Mac Book Pro’s you would suggest?

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