Portrait Session: Underwater Photography

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Erica and Connor talk with Melina Contogiorgakis about her career as an underwater portrait artist.

Melina Contogiorgakis is an underwater photographer from Argentina, who is currently traveling and searching for inspiration and the best places to shoot. As a scuba instructor with a degree in photography, she is trying to develop her own style for her underwater portraits, which are mostly centered around the relationship between humans and nature.

  • What led you to begin shooting underwater portraits?
  • Listener Q: Where have you worked underwater?
  • Listener Q: Tell us about one or two of the more unusual underwater shoots you’ve done.
  • Differences between land photography and underwater
  • Listener Q: Everything we do is about light. Talk about how light might function differently underwater. Does it, really? What adjustments do you need to make, to work in that context?
  • Getting the shot, water conditions and visibility, diving.
  • Pool sessions vs Outdoors
  • What gear do you use?
  • Listener Q: What was your first experience like when you first submerged your expensive gear in water? What products did you confidently use for your first time?


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