Enter The Master Photography #creativejuices Photo Contest!

With so many tough things going on in the world today, we want to help you get those creative juices flowing with a photo contest. To encourage photographers of all skill levels to create images for the contest, most of the prizes are going to be given randomly to listeners of the podcast who share their image. Read on for more details!

Photo Contest Prizes

Really no sense in having a photo contest if there are no prizes to be won, right? Check out the exciting things you can win – most of them will be awarded to random photographers who follow the rules regardless of the quality of the image entered!

  • 30 minute mentoring session with Brent Bergherm
  • 30 minute mentoring session with Connor Hibbs
  • 30 minute photography business mentoring session with Erica Kay
  • 30 minute editing session with Jeff Harmon
  • A chance to have your image make the top ten of all entries.  The top ten images judged by the hosts of the Master Photography Podcast will be shared to the Master Photography Facebook group and in the show notes when we talk about them in a future episode.
  • A chance to have your image selected as the best entered and come on the show with us! If you want to that is. If you are too shy for that, can just get the glory.

We will have the computer (Jeff will do his magic on that) pick four random winners with each getting one of those first four prizes.  Everyone who shares an image in our Master Photography Photo Contest Flickr group will be entered to win.  You do have to create a Flickr account to enter, but we hope that is a little more accessible than Facebook.

Photo Contest Rules

Every contest has rules, so here they are. They do have to strictly be followed or you aren’t entered for the random prize giveaways or for the top images selection.

  • You have to create the image between 3/19/2020 and 4/19/2020
  • You have to share the image to the Flick group at https://www.flickr.com/groups/mpcontest/
  • Because the group is fully public and anyone can share an image, you have to tag the image #creativejuices.  We are only saying this on the episode and putting that in the show notes to prevent a random photographer who may find the group from being entered.  That tag is critical!
  • You can only share one image per day.  Flickr will restrict you to that, another reason we wanted to use Flickr here.
  • Keep the images safe for work.  You all know what that is, no further explanation necessary.