Yep! The Create Photography Retreat is currently running a contest giving away airfare, hotel, and a free ticket to the retreat!

Create Photography Retreat 2020

We are so excited to be part of the Create Photography Retreat again here in 2020. The Retreat is one of our favorite events of the year! It offers a chance for photographers of all skill levels and shooters of all genres to spend three days with others who love the art.

Event Details

  • When: October 14-17, 2020. Pre-Retreat workshops (additional cost) will be available on the 14th, with a special attendee gathering starting at 9pm that day. Sessions (mostly interactive where you need your camera) to learn all types of tips and tricks to help you level up your creative skills no matter what genre you shoot will take place 9am through 4:30pm on the 15th and 16th with a morning full of sessions on the 17th. If there is an hour or two where you aren’t interested in any sessions, you can head over to the model bays to try your hand at creating portraits with great light, models, and Retreat presenters ready to help. The full agenda of the sessions isn’t quite finished yet, but you can get a basic idea here.
  • Where: Greenville, South Carolina. The sessions during the day will be held in the Hyatt Place Greenville Downtown. Attendees are encouraged to book their stay in the same hotel though you can stay wherever you like. If you want to stay in the same hotel, you can arrange to stay two days before and after the event. Please call the local sells team of the Hyatt Place at 1-864-720-2703. Brodie should answer any questions you may have and is most knowledgeable about the event. The group code that should save you some money on a reservation is G-PHOT. Click here to book online (the group code is automatically applied).

Who Is the Create Photography Retreat For?

Anyone who has a camera! Experienced photographers or those who have just picked up a camera for the first time. This event is for all photographers.

Master Photography doesn’t run the Retreat, that is done by our good friends Brian and Rachel Hanson (and others), but we love to be part of it every year because it is an event that feels just like our podcast episodes and our Facebook Group community. If you like the experience you have with our Master Photography team, we can guarantee you will love attending the Retreat.

Not only are the Presenters at the Retreat approachable and willing to answer questions or help you with a creative technique, the more experienced attendees are fully willing to do the same. Don’t let any lack of photography experience prevent you from this tremendous growth opportunity. This will do more for your photography than any piece of gear you may be thinking about investing in – and it is probably less expensive!

What Is the Create Photography Retreat Like?

In a word, AWESOME! OK, ok, we know what you are thinking. Awesome is overused as a word these days and of course everyone associated with an event is going to say it is great. We know it may be a big commitment, but we really think that if you give it a chance the Create Photography Retreat is a photography event unlike any other.

The Retreat has very limited tickets available. That is done on purpose because we want the attendees to have a very interactive and personal experience. This isn’t a conference where you may pack your camera bag and leave it that way throughout the event. There is value in other photography events where there are thousands attending for sure, but if you want something that helps you more individually, we think this event is in a class of it’s own.

You are going to shoot. A LOT. There will be opportunities to go with groups of people to do landscape (including Milky Way), portrait, and even some macro. If you have a specific genre you feel comfortable with and haven’t crossed over into another, you really need to get out of your comfort zone and the Retreat is an excellent place to do that.

Everyone at the event is passionate about photography. If you have never spent time with hundreds of other photographers who love the art as much as you do, it is really hard to put into words just how much an event like this can do for your photography. That doesn’t stop us from trying!

Retreat Testimonials

Of course you don’t have to just take our word for it. Here are the thoughts from a few attendees:

Drake Dyck
Vegas (2019) was my first Retreat and was both incredibly fun and I picked up a lot from the various sessions. Before it was over I was already excited about returning this year.
-Drake Dyck
Mary McElroy DeCosta
I cannot think of a better experience to endorse!
-Mary McElroy DeCosta
Meghan Stempel
I am so glad I finally got to go to the retreat for the first time last year (2019) in Vegas. I learned so much from the workshops and classes and took a TON of amazing photos – I came home with a whole portfolio of images. On top of that, the community feeling of the retreat was above and beyond anything I expected from a “conference”. I went by myself knowing that I would get a lot out of the classes. What I didn’t expect was to be welcomed so warmly by all of the staff and fellow attendees. I am looking forward to the next retreat, not only for what I know will be amazing classes and workshops but also to see all of the phenomenal people I met last year. I can’t recommend this event highly enough!
-Meghan Stempel
Robert Clay
I’ve attended photography workshops and conferences hosted by a number of individual teachers and organizations. I’ve learned they’re not all created equal. Some are intentionally designed for a select niche of photographers. That’s not the case with the Create Photography Retreat. There is literally something for everyone, regardless of what you shoot or how long you have been doing it. It’s a great opportunity to improve your skills, explore some things you’ve never thought of, and get motivated to do even more with your photography. And the best part is making new friends and relationships that will help you long after the retreat ends. October can’t get here soon enough!
-Robert Clay
Jim Campbell
This is my 3rd Create Photography Workshop. To me there is simply no better venue to connect, learn and grow as photographers and friends. And yes, you will leave with a lot of new friends.
-Jim Campbell

Ready To Invest In Yourself?

We really would love to see you at the Create Photography Retreat here in 2020. It would be incredible if we filled up the entire Retreat with Master Photography podcast listeners. If you are ready to take that plunge, you can get 10% off the cost of the tickets by hitting this button.

Get To A Conference Or Workshop!

If the Retreat just won’t work out for you, we get it. Maybe you can plan for it in 2021! If it was just the timing of the event here in 2020, we hope you will get yourself to a workshop or conference of some kind and we have some tips for that as well

Tips For Getting the Most From Photography Conferences and Workshops